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Writing great content for your blog is the most difficult part of running a business. I’ve heard it from hundreds of small business owners. “Lindsey, I can’t write 300 words! What do I say?!” I hear ya! And it’s especially difficult if you aren’t quite sure WHO you are writing to. Let’s take a breath and figure it out together. We can do this by creating your ideal client avatar, sometimes know as a customer persona.

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What is an ideal client avatar?

You can gain specific perspective and insight into your business by creating a persona of your perfect customer. An ideal client avatar is a very detailed imagining of your ideal client or blog reader. Using specific demographics and analysis you can create a vivid picture of one specific person who embodies your customers.

By doing your research this avatar will provide a clear vision for your business. Someone you can talk to when writing those blog posts, promotional material, and social media posts. It’s like having the perfect client sitting right beside you, answering your questions, and pointing out any potential problems.

Your customer personal is a fabulous no-cost way to see if the material you are producing is a potential waste of time, money or effort!

How do I start?

Before you start writing you’ll need to do a bit of demographic research and identify that ideal inquiring customer or reading audience. Take the time to understand them well enough that you can provide some specific details about them.

If you’re not clear about who that is try answering these few questions:

  • Look at current clients. Who has hired you in the past? Or, who are you really hoping hires you but they just aren’t finding you?
  • Check your Google Analytics. You can learn a lot about who is visiting your site and inquiring for your services by a look around the Google dashboard!
  • Ask questions! Sending out a survey to past clients, your email list, or your followers on social media; it’s a fabulous way to collect this information.

A great avatar will include information gathered from both previous clients and visitors/followers.

Once you understand the information you’ve collected you can start to create an individual persona that embodies your ideal client base. For most niche businesses you only have to do this once and it will be enough to understand who you are writing to. Start with one, and if you find you have to create another if you expand your services you’ll know just how to do it!

What demographics do I include?

  • Demographics: age, gender, marital and family status, occupation, income and region/city
  • Other relevant info: such as hobbies, interests, social media preferences, blogs they like, experts they trust
  • What are their goals? What do they hope to accomplish?
  • Are there obstacles that get in the way of their goals?
  • How can YOU help be part of the solution to help them reach their goals?
  • Why might they not hire you/buy your products; why might they choose a competitor?
  • What message will you use to market to this person? How do you sell them on what you have to offer?

How to Use It?

When you are done completing your custom avatar of your ideal client don’t put it away and simply mark it off the to-do list! Keep it in view, on an inspiration board, where you can see it any time you need to create new content, marketing material, or service.

This may sound crazy, but you can feel free to talk to it 😉 Really, this will help. Think of your avatar as a sounding board for anything new you are working on. Do they care what you are talking about? How can you tailor it to fit the needs or challenges of your client?

YOUR GOAL is to use your avatar to create highly targeted products and specific content just for them!

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